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SAT I Total Package

The Best SAT Review SAT I Total Package includes math, critical reading with vocabulary, and writing. This program lasts 7 weeks and includes three simulation exams, each 4 hours long. It is our most popular intensive SAT I program and is designed to improve a student's entire score by 300 points or more. We strongly recommend this program for current and to-be 11th graders.

​The SAT I Writing portion includes a multiple choice section and a written essay. Best SAT Review's SAT I Writing program trains students how to spot grammatical errors and replace them with proper writing patters. Students start with diagnostic exams and have weekly essay writing simulations that are graded by our instructors and returned the following class. Students average a 120 point improvement over the course of our program.

​Best SAT Review's program for SAT I Critical Reading is designed to help students read analytically while recognizing and highlighting important pieces of information. Although critical reading is the most challenging SAT I section to improve, our outstanding teachers have designed their own vocabulary quizzes, reading tips, and analytical strategies that help students improve their scores by an average of 80 points. Students also begin with a free diagnostic exam and end with a final assessment. 


Critical Reading


Best SAT Review offers its own separate course for SAT I Math, taught by Mr. Shieh. After 15 years, Mr. Shieh has collected vast knowledge and coveted study materials to help teach students how to answer this SAT I section easily and efficiently. This course covers all materials found on the math portion of the SAT I exam, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Probability. Students begin with a free diagnostic exam and end with an assessment test showing an average improvement of 150 points. 


We offer SAT I and SAT II prep courses to help students have the strongest test scores for their applications.

To cater to each student's needs, Best SAT Review offers separate SAT I Math, Critical Reading, and Writing courses. We also have SAT II Subject Test classes for Math Level II, Chemistry, Biology, US History, Literature, and Physics. These courses are designed to work with your school year and summer schedule, preparing you for that final test day.