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Carina Scott
Reading & Writing

After gaining widespread popularity as a substitute for our English classes in 2003, Best SAT Review brought Mrs. Scott in to teach Critical Reading previews, English Enrichments, SAT Critical Reading and Writing. Ms. Scott encourages and motivates students to participate in group discussions. Her preview and enrichment classes have always been very enjoyable, appreciated, and recognized. Students learn to appreciate literature after attending her sessions. Ms. Scott holds a Master's degree in English from San Jose State University. She has a BA degree in Modern Literary Studies, minor in Intellectual History from UC Santa Cruz. Her areas of teaching competency are vocabulary, grammar, composition, poetry, essay writing, and literature. Ms. Scott has more than five years of teaching and tutoring experience at San Jose State University and UC Santa Cruz. Ms. Scott is also an individual writing tutor who works with students to brainstorm and organize their ideas. She taught students in diverse ages, ethnics, cultural identities, including ELD/ESL students. Ms. Scott is always commented as the most friendly and enthusiastic teacher, who really cares for the progress of her students.

Gavin Wittje
Reading & Writing

Mr. Wittje teaches Critical Reading Preview, Writing Preview, SAT Writing in both Fremont and Cupertino. Mr. Wittje holds Master's degree in English Literature from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master's degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Currently Mr. Wittje is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. candidate at the UC, Berkeley and works with the departments of English Literature, Rhetoric, and Performance Studies. For the last three years Mr. Wittje has taught various courses at both UC Berkeley and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Prior to that, for four years, Mr. Wittje taught English literature, composition, and ESL speaking and vocabulary courses in universities and high schools in Taiwan. Over the last year, Mr. Wittje has been able to change and develop his teaching style significantly, so as to best meet the SAT Critical Reading and Writing needs of his students. He has found that a high degree of professionalism and an increased attention to more rigorous, fast paced training drills is most effective in raising student test scores. In terms of the SAT prep, he has been able to maintain an engaging and instructive class atmosphere while leading students to focus more specifically on the essentials of the test. Mr. Wittje loves languages and, besides English, has proficiency in German and Chinese. 

Mike Murdock

Mr. Murdock is extremely detail oriented and is known by being able to explain very difficult topics in simple, memorable ways. With 15 years of teaching experience, Mr. Murdock teaches AP Biology and SAT II Biology at Best SAT Review. Mr. Murdock used to teach many subjects in public schools and has been a full-time tutor in various subjects for the last ten years. Mr. Murdock is very familiar with the science books and courses in Cupertino and Saratoga schools. He has extensive notes to help students taking chemistry, biology, physics and other sciences. Mr. Murdock holds a BA in Philosophy and minor in Chemistry from Santa Clara University. He also has a BA in Sociology and a minor in Cybernetic Systems from San Jose State University. Finally, Mr. Murdock is also a Biology Master's degree candidate at San Jose State University. Mr. Murdock has helped more than half of his students achieve 780 or above scores. 

Meet the BEST SAT Review Team.

Alex Lee

Since 2001, Mr. Lee has built up a shining reputation backed with overwhelming popularity at Best SAT Review. Mr. Lee has a very strong sense on how to break SAT Chemistry myth, and is looking for hardworking and committed students to join him. Mr. Lee got his B.S. in Chemistry from UCLA and has over ten years of teaching experience. Mr. Lee teaches college prep. A.P. and honors chemistry, as well as SAT II Chemistry. Mr. Lee has increased an average of over 100 points in all his past SAT II Chemistry classes. Mr. Lee got a 90% of pass rate from his Chemistry AP class since 2002, and 100% of pass rate in 2007. For the past three years, Mr. Lee pushed over 30% of his Cupertino kids to get over 780 (out of 800 full score) on their June SAT Chemistry exams. Although known by his students for being stern and strict, they also praise how well prepared they were after taking his class.

Mike Shieh
Mathematics & Physics

Over the last few decades, "Xie Lao Shi" has gained widespread acclaim for his ability to teach advanced mathematics. With a masters in Physics, Mr. Shieh left his engineering job after 25 years to pursue his true passion of teaching students. He now has well over 20 years of teaching experience and has perfected his lecturing method. A long time favorite of our students, Mr. Shieh has also hand-picked his problems and materials to ensure that no trick questions get by his students. His years of experience pay off when over eighty percent of his students receive full scores on SAT Math Levels I and II.

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